Our story

We want to inspire people to make better choices in their everyday life.

PULS was established in Finland, from the need to combine a busy and active life with a healthy and nutritious diet.

At PULS, we believe that sports nutrition, functional snacks & drinks are not meant only for top athletes, but when used properly, they can benefit both physically and mentally anyone, who needs an extra kick or energy boost in their daily life.

We always encourage people to get the nutrients they need from the real food. The priority is to eat good, rest well and be active. But getting all the needed nutrients from food is not always possible, due to various reasons. That is where we want to help. We provide healthy nutrition for everyone, no matter if you are a top athlete, gym-goer, or you just crave for a healthier snack. 

PULS is for the active people, but also for the people who believe that being active means more than just sports or exercise. It is other pursuits as well: friends, family life, work, studies, trips. Living the life to its fullest.


1. Taste. Our products always taste good. From this we will not compromise.

2. Health and benefits. All our products are healthier options. Not all products are low in sugar, gluten free or vegan. Because we are not categorical, and we could make compromises, if there is added value.

3. Availability. Our goal is to get the products easily available right from your local store or from an online store if you prefer online shopping.

4. Affordability. There is no need to spend a fortune for good quality products. We want to offer best value for money on the market with not compromising in the quality and safety.